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  • Medical Guide Wire Can Be Produced Through The Production Of J-shaped Safety Guide Wire
    Jan 12, 2018

    Although the overall medical guide wire production and processing situation, the production of universal standard type guide wire more companies, such as many companies have produced a straight guide wire, but there are many companies are producing some of the more special type Guide wire, such as J-shaped safety wire.

    J-shaped safety guide wire is a kind of safety guide wire, so this name is given because the front end of the guide wire has a J-shaped bent shape. Because of the relationship between structure and process, such a guidewire has the advantages of being curved and deformed when cannula is inserted, and the front end of the guidewire does not rest on the blood vessel wall so as to prevent blood vessel damage. Therefore, it is relatively safer to apply. It is precisely because of this, so in some areas has won the favor of users, but also makes a lot of medical guide wire production and processing enterprises began to produce such a guide wire.