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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update DOWNLOAD
SCW-Medicath-CE-Certificate-2020.pdf We have CE certificate for more and more products. Welcome to contact us for more details. 6.7MB 141 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Corporate-Brochure-SCW-Medicath-Ltd-En.CB.02.pdf Corporate Brochure 10.46MB 118 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
OEM-Medical-Supplies-Manufacturer-SCW-Medicath-Ltd--En.A4..pdf Besides standard products, SCW also customizes disposable medical consumables according to customer requirements. 3.03MB 75 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Orthopaedics-product-SCW-Medicath-Ltd.-En,A1.00.pdf The products apply to orthopaedics and other related departments. This series of products includes Bone Cement Mixer, Kyphoplasty Tool Kit, Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheter, and Bone Cement Filler. 3.46MB 64 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Urology-Products-SCW-Medicath-Ltd.-En.A4.pdf Our urology products, including Guide Wire for Urinary Tract, Percutanous Nephrostomy Set, Ureteral Access Sheath, and Ureteral Stent Kit, can be used for kidney, ureteral stone and other conditions. 4.6MB 80 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Medical-Imaging-Products-SCW-Medicath-Ltd-En.A4.pdf Our imaging products include Syringes and Connecting Tubings. 2.14MB 72 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Obstetrics-Gynecology-Products-SCW-Medicath-Ltd.-En.A4.pdf This series of products can be used in gynaecology, obstetrics and other related departments. The functions of each product include assisting in childbirth, stopping bleeding after delivery and preventing uterine adhesions after abortions. 1.86MB 61 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Interventional-Products-SCW-Medicath-Ltd.-En.A4.02.pdf The product serials apply to fields including intracardiac interventions, peripheral interventions, neuro interventions and hepatobiliary interventions. 19.04MB 113 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
Anesthesiology-and-Critical-care-products-SCW-Medicath-Ltd.-En.A4.01.pdf Our anesthesia series products can be widely used in anesthesiology, intensive care units, emergency departments, and operating rooms. 2.22MB 78 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
ISO 13485 2021.pdf SCW Medicath's ISO 13485 2021 certificate 1.85MB 145 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD
ISO 13485 certificate-hydrophilic guidewire.pdf ISO 13485 certificate of hydrophilic guidewire 2.27MB 109 2022-11-11 DOWNLOAD

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