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SCW Medicath Dealers Recruitment

We are expanding our dealer network and recruiting dealers to join our global network. 

We sincerely invite you to join our dealer system and develop a market full of opportunities and challenges with SCW Medicath Ltd. 

Becoming an SCW dealer, you will get

the distribution authorization of SCW products, as well as the registration and sales authorization in your area

* Good products also require good service, and face-to-face service is the best. The dealers will provide the first line of contact in introducing the advantages of SCW products to our end users.

* That's why here we recruit the dealer with excellent sales experience and interest in marketing the SCW products in your sales area.

* We spare no effort in support of our dealers. Our guiding principle is to work hard in providing all the necessary backing so that our dealers may concentrate their effort on serving their market. 


We completely understand what dealers want from a manufacturer and aim to be your best supply chain partner

* Your concerns might be "size of company, supplier reputation, track record in the market, turnover/margin expectations, brand USP, reference markets, product innovations, competitive pricing, ease of launching, ethical behaviour..." 

* We could understand your concerns as we already have some experience dealing with various global dealers.

* In the past, we mainly focused on the Chinese market and have successfully ranked as the top company in the field of medical consumables.

* Our global dealer network is still awaiting growth as there are still many areas that our dealer network has not covered.  

* We have full confidence in expanding our global market as our products have been tested in the market for more than 20 years and have been recognized by end clinicians and patients.

If you are interested in becoming our dealer, we hope to know your company with below information

* What is the size of your company, and how many medical consumables salesman in your company? 

* What's the medical product line your company sell now? 

* Where are you? Have you ever imported from China? 

* How about your customer base? Are you a dealer/distributor/wholesaler of any other brand? 

* How about your company revenue last year? What's the ratio of medical consumables?

Initial Requirements for a Dealer Application

Having requested qualifications

An independent medical device company with qualifications for importing and distributing medical consumables

About product registration

Usually, we will require our distributors to complete the registration of the products they sell as per local regulations and bear the costs incurred. Registration of products is not mandatory only if there are no special requirements for your local market. You can keep in touch with the relevant representatives of our company at that time.

Priority will be given to potential partners with the following conditions

1) Familiar with the medical consumables industry; 2) Has a high-quality sales service team and potential to develop the market; 3) Has enough customer base in the corresponding region and has a good connection with these customers. 


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