Postpartum Balloon With Rapid Instillation

  • · The Postpartum Balloon is a silicone balloon catheter with a maximum inflation volume of 500 mL.The Rapid Instillation Components include polymer tubing with an IV bag spike and three-way valve. It is used for temporary control or reduction of postpartumuterine bleeding when conservative management is warranted.
  • · While the balloon is inflated with sterilized saline, the postpartum balloon applies pressure to the uterine walls that will help to hemostasis.


• The SCW postpartum balloon has two hemostatic valves that allow making inflation of normal saline in one direction. This design makes to reduce the time of inflation without changing the direction of the valves; 

• Easy to operate and position; 

• Safe and efficient way to promote hemostasis;

• Can be used for both vaginal and cesarean delivery; 

• Silicone body material eliminates the issue of patient sensitively to latex; 

• Wide compression area, good drainage effect; 

• Fewer contraindications and side effects. 


Use Method

(1) Product Demo - 


(2) Two methods to place postpartum balloon - 


① Spontaneous delivery Transvaginal placement: Catheterization before placement, pre-estimated uterine cavity volume by B-ultrasound. The surgeon places the catheter into the uterine cavity under the guidance of ultrasound to ensure that the entire balloon is fixed above the internal cervical orifice, and then injects 250-300ml of sterile saline, the maximum can be injected into 500ml, and air or CO2 cannot be used. An external pressure pump can be connected to monitor the pressure to prevent excessive pressure, and an external volume bag can be connected to assess the amount of bleeding. Treatment is effective when a reduction or cessation of bleeding from the drainage holes of the catheter is observed. Pack a gauze roll containing antibiotics in the vagina to fix the balloon, or hang a weight of about 500g at the end of the balloon to fix the balloon.


② Cesarean section Transuterine packing: During cesarean section, the balloon catheter is inserted into the uterine cavity through the uterine incision, the balloon part is placed in the uterine cavity, and the catheter is plugged out of the vagina. While injecting sterile water, the assistant fixed the balloon in a proper position by pulling the end of the vagina, and observed that the bleeding of the catheter discharge hole was reduced, and the catheter position was fixed. The uterine incision is then routinely closed, taking care to avoid puncturing the balloon.


Product Code Size(Fr) Length(cm) Balloon Volume(ml)
43.01.20000 24 55 500


With Rapid Instillation

Product Code Size(Fr) Length(cm) Balloon Volume(ml)
43.01.20004 24 55 500



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