Disposable Pressure Transducers

  • · Medical pressure transducers are specialized medical transducers that can sense pressure and convert it into digital or other types of output signals.
  • · The ibp transducer is indicated for monitoring kinds of pressure such as central venous pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, and atrial pressure to get the physiological pressure, and provide objective evidence for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis evaluation. The disposable pressure transducer provides continuous, real-time monitoring of systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure. It can reflect the patient's blood circulation and provide timely and reliable data, so that clinicians can understand cardiovascular function and monitor the patient's vital signs.


• Its manufacturer SCW Medicath Ltd., established in 1996, is the first factory to develop and manufacture pressure transducers in China. SCW is one of only two manufacturers in the world that produce special easy-push flushing devices, which reduces the force by half compared to the ordinary type, and is convenient for nurses to operate. SCW is also one of the few manufacturers in the world that provide pediatric customized types of pressure transducers.

• The disposable pressure transducer is one of SCW's hot-selling products, as its annual sales volume has reached the Top 3 in the world. The top three global shipments reflect excellent quality control. Meanwhile, SCW provides an experience comparable to the top competitors with better price through sufficient supply chain advantages. 

• Compatible with wide range of monitors in a simple way: the variety is complete and can be used in conjunction with various monitors at home and abroad (including Mindray, Philips, etc.) ; 

• Applicable to multiple clinical departments: anesthesiology, ICU, cardiology, catheterization laboratory, etc.;

• Accurate and consistent real-time invasive blood pressure measurement; 

• Clear fluid pathway enables priming during monitoring;
•  Versatile and easy to use Snap-Tab flush device, which is very friendly to nurses who are the device operators usually; 

• The amount of blood required to measure blood pressure is 20%-30% of that of the ordinary type. 


Transducer with flush       Pressure Monitoring Line

Stopcock                 Patient Card

Caps                     lV.Line


Use Method

This video tutorial shows you how to use the disposable blood pressure transducer - 




Single channel kit
Product No.  Description
41.04.12000 with Bax connector
41.04.15000 with Uta connector
41.04.16000 with Abb connector
41.04.12038 with Bax connector (Pediatrics)
Double Channel kit
Product No. Description 
41.04.22000  with Bax connector 
41.04.25000 with Uta connector
41.04.26000 with Abb connector
41.04.22012 with Bax connector (Pediatrics)


SCW Medicath, as a professional disposable blood pressure transducers manufacturer, offers high quality medical pressure transducers and kits. The disposable blood pressure transducer for invasive blood pressure (IBP) monitoring is a method to measure the intra-arterial luminal pressure directly after the arterial puncture placement, which is more accurate, reliable, and can directly, continuously and dynamically respond to the patient's blood pressure, facilitating timely treatment of the condition, and is used in various acute and critically ill patients, patients who apply vasoactive drugs, patients who need to do arterial blood gas analysis and other blood tests repeatedly, and surgical patients, and can provide an important basis for It can provide an important basis for rescue and treatment, and is easy to use, safe and reliable, and saves time.



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