Basic Components of Percutaneous Nephrostomy Set

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In modern medicine, one of the most difficult jobs in the world is performing surgery and the medical practitioner tasked with this responsibility is the surgeon.

A surgeon’s work requires long hours of rigorous research without rest, continuous practice, and a ton of mental energy. The only way the work of a surgeon is made easy is by providing the necessary facilities, environment, and surgical instruments.

Interestingly, one of such surgical instrument is the percutaneous nephrostomy set. The percutaneous nephrostomy set is an aggregate of surgical instruments that surgeons use when performing a PNL procedure to remove kidney stones.

In this article, we’ll address the meaning and the various instruments used in performing percutaneous nephrostomy.

The components of percutaneous nephrostomy

There are various instruments used in performing percutaneous nephrostomy. These are;


Nephroscope, as the name implies, is a small camera that is inserted into the kidney through an incision in the patient’s back to examine the stones in the kidney.

Nephroscope is a visual instrument that aids surgeons in viewing and removing stones in the kidney. Also, it is useful for draining urine in the kidney.


A guidewire is a thin small medical wire that the surgeon uses to guide the nephroscope and other instruments into the kidney. It serves as a guideway for surgeons during surgery.


A dilator is a medical instrument a surgeon uses to expand a narrow passage in the body during surgery. It helps the surgeon to create passages in the body for the nephroscope and other instruments.

Stone retrieval basket

A stone retrieval basket is a medical tool a surgeon uses to locate and recover kidney stones.

Laser fibers

Laser fibers are important medical tools inserted through the nephroscope. In addition, surgeons use laser fibers to break down kidney stones found in the kidney.

Pneumatic lithotripter

A pneumatic lithotripter is a medical device that uses high-frequency sound waves to break down kidney stones.

Mechanical fragmentation device

A mechanical fragmentation device is a laser that breaks the stones into smaller fragments that can be removed

Forceps and other instruments:

Forceps and other medical instruments such as forceps, graspers, and scrapers may be used to remove the fragments of the stones and clean the inside of the kidney.

Medical Cases Where Percutaneous Nephrostomy Set Is Required

Percutaneous nephrostomy is used mainly in medical procedures that can be performed under certain conditions such as;

  • The kidney stone is too large to remove through a less invasive procedure
  • The large stones are blocking the passage between the kidney and the ureter
  • Large stones block prevent urination
  • Other minimal therapies don’t work

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