SCW Medicath To Feature More Than 40 Products At MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023

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SCW Medicath Ltd. Is set to exhibit more than 40 products across six categories to Medica Fair Thailand 2023 from September 13 to 15 in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) .

Through showcasing products with exceptional performance, quality and technological innovation, SCW will highlight products most in demand with Southeast Asian customers.

As the event draws nearer, here's a sneak peek into what visitors can expect to encounter at SCW's booth, designated as Booth No. H32: 

>> Interventional Products: A new model of peelable sheath and hemostasis valve set will take center stage. Crafted from premium imported raw materials to ensure exceptional peeling performance, the handle of the new model of peelable sheath is ergonomic, more comfortable, easier to tear. Moreover, SCW can supply kink resistance nitinol guide wire to increase clinician confidence. The specially designed hemostasis valve set, initially popular among Chinese clinicians, is expected to garner interest from clinicians worldwide.

>> Anesthesiology ICU ProductsSCW Medicath, with a legacy dating back to 1996, pioneered the production of disposable pressure transducers and central venous catheter kits in China. At the exhibition, they will launch a new model of tracheostomy tube kit, making its debut appearance.

>> Medical Imaging Products: SCW's contrast media syringes are engineered to be compatible with various machine models available in the market. Additionally, a new model of connecting tubing, a rarity in the market, will be introduced to expand their product offerings.

>> Urology Products: SCW introduces a long-term ureteral stent with a maximum 12-month lifespan. This product has piqued the interest of numerous distributors due to its essential role in lithotomy basket surgeries and its widespread demand across countries. The short-term ureteral stent from SCW remains a staple in this category.

>> Obstetrics & Gynecology Products: Obstetricians will appreciate the user-friendly design of SCW's product series in this category. Attendees can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and efficiency of these products when they visit the exhibition.

>> Orthopaedics: SCW has become a trusted supplier for many kyphoplasty system manufacturers in China, providing kyphoplasty balloon catheters. They warmly welcome OEM collaborations in this sector.

Excited to explore SCW's latest innovations? Be sure to drop by Booth No. H32 during the event and witness these groundbreaking products firsthand!


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