Unveiling New Products and Expanding Your Business Horizons

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As a leading medical consumables manufacturer founded in 1996, we are excited to announce our participation in several prominent exhibitions in 2023. At these events, we will be showcasing our new products for 2023 while also sharing industry secrets that can help to expand your business horizons. 


(The video content: SCW Medicath at CMEF 2023) 


>> New Products for 2023

SCW invests 10% of its annual sales in R&D every year. In line with our commitment to innovation, we are excited to unveil our latest products for 2023, including new types of Peelable Introducer Set and Connecting Tubes, KMP Angiographic Catheter and Arterial Blood Pressure Transducer. 

>> Business Expansion Secrets

Good marketing strategic approach is as important as good products. SCW deeply understand that expanding your business in the competitive medical consumables industry requires a great marketing support including effective marketing techniques, supply chain optimization, and staying abreast of industry trends. By implementing these secrets, you are more likely to gain a competitive edge and unlock new opportunities in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

>> Exhibition Highlights

To cherish the precious time to have face-to-face discussions, SCW has prepared a lot of surprises for all visitors. At this year's CMEF show in Shanghai, SCW debuted its cutting-edge products including the first silicone ureter in China. As it was the first time for SCW to present at EuroPCR which gathered plenty of cardiovascular experts and was held in France, SCW rolled out its new interventional products which left a lasting impression on visitors. Additionally, SCW was excited to be part of Fime 2023, a leading medical trade fair in the United States, where we unveiled our innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

>> More Exhibition Plans

In the coming months, SCW is going to attend more exhibitions in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, and other regions. More breaking trade show news will be released soon.

>> International Trip Plans

Our commitment to global engagement extends beyond exhibitions, as we are planning trips to various countries. These visits will provide an opportunity to understand the unique needs and challenges of different markets while fostering relationships with potential partners and clients. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@scwmed.com to arrange an onsite meeting if you also have an exhibition tour plan for 2023 or if you expect to meet us in your country.

Each day holds a surprise. We believe that face-to-face interactions hold immense value in building lasting connections and driving mutual success.


                                                       ( SCW Medicath Ltd. at Fime 2023 & EuroPCR 2023 ) 


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