What is a Balloon Uterine Stent? Everything you need to know

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The medicine and surgery industry has improved significantly, and now most procedures provide fewer complications with higher success rates. It is all because of innovative products like the Balloon Uterine Stent.

What is a Balloon Uterine Stent?

It is a balloon specifically designed to be placed inside the uterus after intrauterine surgery. After this procedure, the patient can go through multiple complications that can even make the surgery unsuccessful. However, with the advent of this stent, several benefits and other factors enhance the success rate of the procedure.

Balloon Uterine Stent

Top benefits and features of Balloon Uterine Stent

The top 4 benefits and features of this balloon stent include:

Reduction in bleeding after surgery

It is a surgery where one of the complications includes bleeding. This bleeding can last for a long time and is unsafe, so inserting the balloon stent reduces the bleeding after the surgical procedure. The bleeding eventually stops more quickly than it would stop without the stent.

Promotes tissue formation

To recover from the surgery and stop internal bleeding, tissue formation is key. However, with consistent bleeding, tissue formation gets a little difficult. With the balloon stent, tissue formation can be promoted well, leading the patient toward a quicker recovery from the surgery.

Prevents intrauterine adhesion

The uterine balloon stent is an excellent choice for preventing intrauterine tissue adhesion. It is one of the complications patients face after the surgery since the empty cervical cavity. However, with the installation of this balloon stent, intrauterine adhesion can be prevented, resulting in quicker and safer recovery.

Nothing to worry about during and after usage.

One of the best things about the uterine balloon stent is that it does not have any side effects. There are no complications to worry about before using it, during its use, or even after its usage. Minimal preparations are needed for its installation, and the removal is as simple. Thus, it makes a preferable choice for most patients.

How is a Balloon Uterine Stent used?

The usage process of this stent is very straightforward. The following are the main steps used:

  • The balloon stent is inserted with the help of forceps into the cervical cavity
  • The balloon stent gets filled as per the maximum volume labeled on it
  • It is kept inside for as long as needed
  • The removal process is the exact opposite, where first it is deflated and then removed

It is essential to only remove the balloon stent until the bleeding completely stops and upon the physician’s discretion to remove it. Usually, it is kept inside for up to 7 days. However, the ultimate decision of its removal depends on the physician and the patient's condition.

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