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A Simple Guide To Catheter Sheath

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What is a catheter sheath?

Catheter sheath, also known as sheath, is mainly used to establish channels and guide catheters, balloon catheters or other intravascular instruments to enter blood vessels smoothly. The sheath tube is composed of an outer sheath, an expander and a short guide wire.

The unit of catheter and catheter sheath is F (French), F represents the circumference, and the conversion of F and mm (millimeter) is 3 F = 3 mm, so the diameter of catheter sheath of 3 F is > 1mm.

The size of the catheter always refers to the outer diameter (OD), and the catheter sheath always refers to the inner diameter (ID). Therefore, the 5F catheter can be placed in the 5F catheter sheath.

Types and features of catheter sheath

The sheath is divided into four types: ordinary sheath, check-Flo sheath, peel able sheath and long sheath (such as the mountain climbing sheath of the opposite lower limb). The sheath tube has one side connecting interface, which can take blood samples, monitor pressure and inject vasodilator drugs or contrast agents during operation. At present, SCW Medicath Ltd. sells five generations of different catheter sheath in the market, including Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson and Terumo, most of which are sold abroad. The size of the catheter ranges from 4f to 9F and the length is 9-23cm respectively. 4f and 5F can be used for radial artery with smaller diameter, also known as transradial artery sheath. For ease of use, these catheter sheaths are sold in sets. According to the size, the suit is equipped with puncture needle, guide wire, expansion tube, syringe and blade of corresponding size.

catheter sheath

The use of sheath

After determining the arterial puncture point, first select a suitable sheath, soak the sheath and its supporting expander with heparin saline, and flush its lumen. At the beginning of operation, turn off the switch of sheath side arm. The expander base needs to be locked to prevent it from exiting when the sheath enters. After the sheath enters, the supporting guide wire can be inserted to ensure the entry of the sheath and serve as a track for other instruments.

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