Product Recommendation: Cervical Dilatation Balloon Catheter

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cervical dilation balloon catheter

About 30% of pregnant women need induced labor every year. Cervical maturity is the key process which determines the success or failure rate of induced labor. There are many methods to promote cervical maturation, which can be roughly divided into physical mechanical stimulation and chemical (drugs) treatment. SCW Medicath Ltd. has developed a disposable cervical dilation balloon catheter, which provides a new mechanical dilation method of cervix.

Structure and principle of cervical dilation balloon catheter

The product consists of catheter, balloon, tip, filling check valve, Y-connector and locking ring. There are two balloons, namely uterine balloon and vaginal balloon. The balloon near the tip is uterine balloon. In terms of its principle of promoting cervical maturity, it mainly uses the internal and external mechanical extrusion of two balloons to produce continuous tension on the cervical orifice, shorten the cervical canal and gradually expand the cervical orifice; Secondly, the pressure stimulation of the balloon to the cervix can cause the secretion of endogenous prostaglandins of the decidua which in direct contacting with the balloon, promote the softening and maturation of the cervix, and then induce uterine contraction. Low-dose intravenous oxytocin is a traditional and commonly used method of labor induction. Its advantage is that the dosage can be adjusted at any time to maintain the effective uterine contraction of physiological level. However, when the cervix is immature, the effect of induced labor by oxytocin is not ideal. At this time, it can be used alternately with cervical dilation balloon catheter. The role of balloon catheter in promoting cervical maturation can significantly improve the effect of promoting cervical maturation, shorten the labor process, improve the success rate of induced labor, be safe, reduce the rate of cesarean section and the amount of postpartum hemorrhage, and effectively improve the probability of success of natural delivery.

The operation of cervical dilation balloon catheter

During operation (see the figure below), first expose the cervix with a vaginal endoscope, place the cervical dilation balloon catheter into the cervix, ensure that both balloons enter the uterus, and fill the uterine balloon with 40ml normal saline. After filling, pull the balloon back until the uterus is close to the inner mouth of the cervix. At this time, it can be seen that the vaginal balloon is located at the outer mouth of the cervix. Fill the vaginal balloon with 20ml normal saline. After placing the balloon on both sides of the cervix, fill both ballon with normal saline. Each balloon can be filled with 80ml normal saline at most.

cervical dilation balloon catheter

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SCW MEDICATH LTD, established in 1996 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is the first factory to develop and manufacture Central Venous Catheters, Blood pressure Transducer, and many other products in China. As a professional medical manufacturer, SCW has specialized in Intervention, Anesthesiology & Critical Care, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology, Medical Imaging, Orthopedics, and other high-value medical consumables. At present, more than 60 domestic registered products and more than 30 CE certified products. SCW is certified by ISO13485 Quality System Certificate and CE Certificate. SCW products are sold across China and exported to over 80 countries and regions. For more information about disposable cervical dilation balloon catheter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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