What Is a Disposable Hydrophilic Guide Wire

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We recently developed a new product disposable hydrophilic guidewire. This product is registered both in NMPA in China and CE in the European Union.

How to use a disposable hydrophilic guidewire

The guide wire usually enters the blood vessel after the sheath tube enters the blood vessel, and plays a tracking role to guide the angiographic catheter, balloon catheter or other intravascular instruments to enter the blood vessel smoothly for intravascular diagnosis or interventional therapy. The registered guide wire is composed of an inner core, coating and hydrophilic coating. The inner core is made of nickel-titanium alloy. The coating layer is made of polyurethane containing tungsten. The hydrophilic coating is polyvinylpyrrolidone. The latter can attract water molecules to form a "gel-like" surface on their surface, reducing the resistance of guide wire. Before clinical use, soak the guide wire in sterile heparin normal saline for 30s to activate the coating. The product is disposable and the use time shall not exceed 24 hours. The service life of this product is three years after sterilization with ethylene oxide.

disposable hydrophilic guidewire

The difference between a hydrophilic guide wire and a hydrophobic guide wire

The guide wire coating mainly includes hydrophilic coating, silicone oil coating and PTFE coating. The hydrophilic coating combined with the polymer jacket can more effectively increase the passage of the guide wire. The understanding of coatings can be briefly summarized as follows:

The coated guide wire is more slippery than the uncoated guide wire. The silicone oil coating is generally slippery, sacrificing some slippery qualities in exchange for better tactile feedback at the guide wire tip. Ordinary hydrophilic coatings are relatively slippery. The hydrophilic coating combined with the polymer jacket makes the guide wire tip end very slippery. In layman's terms, a non-slip guide wire (uncoated guide wire) is like the floor of a blank room, which is astringent and not slippery. The feeling of silicone oil coating is to apply a layer of wax, just like painting the floor directly, it is light but not too slippery. The hydrophilic coating is like installing a high-quality wooden floor, slippery! The polymer coat plus super slip coat are just like a waxed and watered wooden floor, very slippery.

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